A rewarding, enriching experience that helps the animals

We welcome volunteers from all over the world and there is a lot to be done to care for our 150+ animals and birds. As a prerequisite, all our volunteers must be familiar with spoken English and love animals.

Generally volunteers must be between 18 and 40 years of age. However, we welcome the more mature volunteers, as long as they are physically fit. Families are also welcome and we have had grandmothers and their grandchildren; along with parents and children, all volunteering here. Younger volunteers (below 17) must be accompanied by a guardian. We accept volunteers for a minimum of two weeks and you can choose to stay up to six months.

Are you young at heart and energetic? Or wild at mind and need taming? Do you need wildlife experience? Or just have a passion for animals? This is the programme for you!

Welcome to Chipangali where we can offer you what can only be described as a once in a life time experience and allow us to fulfill your dreams!

No two participants will have the same experience due to the ever changing nature of work being under taken at chipangali. during your four, six or eight week stay you will be involved in a number of activities which may include:

  • Cleaning and re-building animal enclosures
  • Hand rearing of leopards, lions and antelope
  • Darting of animals
  • Carnivore research
  • Radio tracking of leopards, cheetah and brown hyena in the wild

It is important to note that all your work will be for the animals, but not necessarily with the animals. It can be hard work but it will be very rewarding. Do not expect to be spending all your time cuddling baby animals, you will be contributing to the upkeep of Chipangali and your days will be full. You will be enriching the animal’s lives.

An Average Day at Chipangali

There are no “typical” days as each day can throw up a new challenge. You will be allocated into groups every week and given new tasks daily. Your day might start at 08h00 with feeding of the babies, then cleaning an animal enclosure and changing their water. Then you could go on to enjoy the daily ‘Animal Time’. This is from 11h00 to 12h00 (noon) which allows volunteers to spend quality time with the animals or birds in the Orphanage. After a lunch break, you will resume work, which may be feeding of the animals, bringing in fresh branches, some baby duties or going to the local schools with EPIC KIDS. At 17h00, you finish work unless you have baby duties. Dinner is at 18h30 and post dinner, you can chill by the fire, email home or just socialise with the other volunteers.

Volunteer Story: Rebecca Sweet

I visited Chipangali in August 2013 for 2 weeks. I have to say that it was one of the most incredible times of my life. At a mere 17, the prospect of traveling to a foreign country alone was daunting. I was welcomed by a beaming Nicky who made…

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