Children are the future of Africa and hence it is important to inculcate in them a love and respect for their wonderful natural heritage. No other continent is as rich in wildlife as Africa from our mighty carnivores, to the many antelopes, to the majestic elephants to the reptiles and the many birds of prey that thrive here. By protecting our Wildlife, we bring in millions of tourists who visit our national parks on safari, buy souvenirs that support our local communities and spend money on dining and hotels.

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage made a major commitment to conservation education in 2011 and started Epic Kids, which stands for Environmental Programs Involving Children in partnership with the Department of National Parks. Epic Kids led by staff member Nominal runs daily outreach programs to schools in Bulawayo & nearby areas that educate children about wildlife conservation. It also includes a live demo of tortoises, snakes, chameleons and hedgehogs. There is an interactive quiz after the lecture where the children get to collect animal cards. Over 350,000 children from 250 schools have attended an Epic Kids lecture till date.

Just as important, is for the governments of Africa to lead the way forward in protecting their wildlife heritage and to take strict action to prevent poaching. Convicted offenders should have stiffer punishments. The plight of the African rhino is well known and we at Chipangali also lost our rhinos to a cruel poaching attack. There is a real fear that

within the next few years there will be no rhinos left in the wild. A sad end is in store for these majestic prehistoric animals, unless we all join forces to encourage all governments to act.

We invite all children and animal lovers to visit Chipangali to spend a day on an educational tour, get to know more about the Zimbabwe wildlife and meet our passionate staff. Welcome everyone to Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage!