Profiles of Animals at Chipangali

Roxy is a female leopard, a wonderful mother and a great survivor.

Roxy came to Chipangali around 7 years ago, she was caught in a trap after she has been killing ducks and geese on a farm in the Nymandlovu area, approx 50 km from bulawayo. Roxy at the time of capture was about 4 months old and bravely trying to survive on her own. Certainly something had happened to her mother as a leopard of this age, although weaned, would still be dependant on its mother while learning to hunt.

On arrival at Rocklands farm the Chipangali staff found Roxy to be in a terrible condition, very thin and nervous. It was therefore with great care that the young leopard was tranquillised for the journey to the orphanage. In spite of her weak state, her fierce will to survive pulled her through and she started to thrive and grow.

Roxy has subsequently become a mother and produced two babies, named Carla and Thabani. They are both being hand reared, Thabani by my father (Viv Wilson) in Bulawayo and Carla is being reared here at Chipangali, in the company of a young domestic cat which was also abandoned by its mother